zanis copy–ZAWA dissolves community boards

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The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has dissolved all Community Resource Boards (CRB) to pave way for new elections.

ZAWA Communication and Public Relations Officer Mwila Readith Muliyunda said in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today that the dissolution was contained in a government gazette which was meant to improve operations of CRB’s.

She said the dissolution is aimed at ensuring that CRB’s become more responsible in their participation and management of Wildlife resources in line with the Wildlife Act.

Ms Muliyunda said elections to reconstitute the CRB’s will be conducted by ZAWA in collaboration with district councils, Non- Governmental Organizations and local civil societies forming part of the electoral committee.

She further stated that the elections will be held between September 15 and November 15, 2014.

In accordance with the ZAWA Act, ZAWA works with 74 CRB’s in the Game Management Areas and open areas country wide, based on the Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) model.

The CBNRM model provides policy direction on how communities in wildlife areas should be engaged in the management of wildlife.

Ms Muliyunda said ZAWA committed to the effective implementation of the CBNRM model.