ECZ to use E-Results system for Kasenengwa and Vubwi, MMD rejects

ballot paper
ballot paper

The Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ- is shocked that some political parties have rejected the pilot electronic results transfer system, despite earlier agreeing in a meeting.

ECZ Director PRISCILLA ISAAC says all political parties contesting the by elections attended the meeting and NONE of them rejected the new system to run parallel with the old one.

The ECZ will therefore go ahead and use the E-Results system to transmit election results in the Kasenengwa and Vubwi, to test how reliable it will be in future.

The electronic system was first used in Katuba Parliamentary by-election to transmitting election results.

And the UPND says it only agreed that the ECZ uses the E-system as a pilot project.


But Secretary General WINSTONE CHIBWE says only results which will be transmitted manually should official, for now.

However, the MMD is insisting it will NOT accept the the use of the new system to transmit election results.

Party President Dr NEVERS MUMBA says this is because the decision to use the news system is untimely and raises suspicions.

Dr Mumba has been supported by his counterpart, President of National Revolution Party President Dr COSMO MUMBA.


But FODEP Executive Mcdonald Chipenzi has urged political parties to accept the use of the new system because it will speed up transmission of election results.