Chilubi mining company given exploration rights

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Chilubi mining company given exploration rights

Luwingu, September 10, 2014, ZANIS- –Chilubi mineral prospecting and mining company has been granted mineral rights to start exploration of cobalt and gold.

The mineral exploration programme will be undertaken in Chilubi and Luwingu districts of the Northern province.

ZANIS in Luwingu reports that this is contained in a letter addressed to the council secretary and all heads of government departments and the general public signed by district administrative officer Deodatus Munsungwe.

“As part of their environmental awareness programme, the company will hold an environmental project brief on Friday 12 September at 14:00 hours in the council chamber,” the letter reads in part.

The exploration of copper, cobalt and gold has cheered many residents and prospecting mineral associations in Luwingu and Chilubi districts.

The news of the mining explorations works in the two districts has cheered the local people who are optimistic that if successful it will provide employment opportunities to the youths in the area.

The programme will also boost economic development for the two districts and beyond.

Speaking on behalf of the Lubingu Lwansase minerals association secretary Evaristo Kabuswe said that the move taken by PF government to issue mineral rights and decentralize mineral prospecting will lead to the local people benefit from the natural resources.

“The best would be to set up a mineral laboratory in the district in order to avoid traveling to Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces for verification,” he said.

Mr Kabuswe said Solwezi and other districts in the North Western province are conducting similar public meetings on oil and other mineral prospecting activities adding that the idea was aimed at empowering the local people with home grown ideas.

He said the PF government was serious about their campaign promises and their quest to create employment opportunities for the local people.


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