ZANIs COPY-Campaign for gender equality is against the law of nature–Mwendapole

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Christian Coalition Secretary General John Mwendapole says the campaign for gender equality between men and women is against the law of nature.

Apostle Mwendapole said women are not designed to be providers but helpers hence women empowerment is a one sided campaign which is blinding society.

He said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today when he was commenting on the Mbala woman who allegedly beat the husband to death over Kapenta

 Apostle Mwendapole stated that there are a lot of weird events happening in the country starting from the church to the community.

He has described the Mbala case as one of many cases that are as a result of lack of social and psychological counselling

 Apostle Mwendapole has said that the country needs a lot of counselling centres in the community where people can go for help when they are facing problems.

He has cautioned woman to respect their husbands and embrace culture if they want to be happy in their homes.

Apostle Mwendapole said not everything is primitive in our culture and has urged both men and women not to throw away cultural values as it was our identity.