Zambia happy with the role played by Brazil in economic development

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Deputy Minister of Tourism and Arts Lawrence Evans has disclosed that the Zambian government appreciates the role being played by the Brazilian government in economic development.

Mr Evans said the two countries continue to maintain excellent relations which have stood the taste of time for the benefit of the two nations.

The Deputy Minister was speaking last night at a reception marking the Independence anniversary of the Federative Republic of Brazil at the residence of the Ambassador of Brazil in Lusaka.

He noted that Zambia values the cordial relationship and partnership that exists between the two nations especially in many sectors of the economy.

ZANIS reports that Mr Evans added that the two countries will continue to grow from strength to strength through enhanced political, cultural, social and economic cooperation for the benefit of people of Zambia and Brazil.

And Ambassador of the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil Ana Morales said the Brazilian foreign policy to developing countries is founded on a long term commitment.

Ambassador Morales hinted that Brazil is helping the Zambian government in many sectors of the economy being operated by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency.

She explained that the central elements of the Brazilian South-South cooperation are knowledge sharing, transfer emphasis on the strengthening of human resources, the use of local labour forces to mention but a few.

Ambassador Morales said this has been achieved based on the solidarity which determines the relations between Brazil and the other developing countries.