Modula water plant arrives in Chinsali

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—-The long-awaited modular plant for the K36 million Chinsali water project in Muchinga province has arrived.


Austin Vwaali, resident engineer for BCHOD consulting engineers for China Gansu, a company engaged by the Government to construct a new water plant, said the modular plant arrived yesterday and installation would commence soon.


Mr Vwaali told Muchinga Minister, Gerry Chanda, that South Africans, who are the suppliers of the modular treatment plant, are expected in the country soon to mount the plant and test it.


He said the arrival of the modular treatment is a big boost because this was the biggest component of the project that was being awaited.


Mr Vwaali also disclosed that the project will be completed by November this year as laying of underground pipes to Robert Makasa University, new and old townships in Chinsali is almost complete.


Meanwhile, China Gansu Site Manager, Shi Yu, says lack of electricity at the site was greatly affecting the project.


Mr Shi, however, said Zesco officials were at the site few days ago and he is optimistic that soon the area will be connected to the national grid so that the South Africans, who are coming to mount the modular plant, could go ahead with the works.


Mr Shi also complained of inadequate supplies of cement which has made the project to stall.


And Muchinga Minister, Gerry Chanda, said he would talk to Zesco officials to ensure that the connection of power to the site is done quickly.


Col Chanda also promised to intervene in the supply of cement to ensure that the project is completed on schedule.