Mobile hospital services appreciated in Chinsali

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—Over 1,798 patients have been screened and treated during the 5-day mobile hospital exercise conducted by the Ministry of Health in Chinsali district of Muchinga province.

Mobile Hospital Coordinator, Erick Ilunga, told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview that the exercise has been a

Dr Ilunga added that due to overwhelming response from members of the community the team has exceeded its target by having an average
of over 400 patients per day.

He said out of the 1,798 patients that accessed health services, 595 are males while 1,203 are females.

Dr Ilunga added that over 126 under-5 children and 1,670 children who are above 5 have also been attended to.

The Mobile Hospital Coordinator revealed that the Mobile Hospital team also conducted 57 operations and 25 male circumcision cases were also

Dr Ilunga said because of the over whelming response, the team had to combine efforts with the local staff at Chinsali District Hospital in
order to meet the high demand for health services.

He, however, commended his team members for working tirelessly and ensuring that every patient was attended to in good time.

Among the services that were provided include cancer screening, eye
clinic, X-ray, skin and dental services.