Police still studying how govt secret letter was leaked

classified government document leak confidential
classified government document leak confidential
The Zambia Police says it has not yet formally instituted investigations into the matter in which a classified government document was recently leaked by unknown people through the media.

The Zambia Police has been studying how a letter that Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda wrote to President Michael Sata to seek approval for amending Rule 18 of the Value Added Tax, was leaked to the media.

Acting Police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo has told Qfm news that the Police is still studying the matter and does not have any suspect in mind.

Ms. Katongo says once the Police have someone in mind, investigation over the leaked secret letter which has since been declassified, will be instituted.

She says the Police is working alone on matter and that the Police is avoiding to speak about the matter through the media to avoid jeopardizing the investigations.

( Sunday 07th September 2014 )