Sata is not obliged by the law to physically open Parliament – Sondashi

Members of Parliament
Members of Parliament

Opposition Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) President Ludwig Sondashi says there will be no legal implication if President Michael Sata does not officially open Parliament later this month.
Dr. Sondashi says this is because the country’s republican President is not obliged by the law to physically attend the official opening of Parliament.

Dr Sondashi who is a constitutional Lawyer has told Qfm News in an exclusive interview that the President can however send a message to Parliament that can be read by either the Vice president or any Minister whom he wishes to delegate to perform this task.

The FDA president has however noted that this provision of the constitution only allows the republican President to exercise such powers when he is ill or outside the country at the time that Parliament is opening.
( Saturday 06th September 2014 )