Mkushi co-operators urged to sensitise farmers on human rights

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—The Human Rights Commission has advised cooperatives in Mkushi District to sensitise farmers about issues concerning human rights.


Speaking at the Co-operative Fair Day in Mkushi yesterday, Human Rights Senior Investigations Officer, Mwiba Mwenda, urged the cooperatives to take keen interest in issues of human rights such as child labour and Gender Based Violence (GBV).


Mr Mwenda explained to the farmers that there was need for them to know their rights so that they do not hinder both their children’s and spouses’ rights.


He emphasised that farming communities needed to be aware of human rights especially on the issue of child labour.


He explained that most farmers were prone to use children in their farm lands during school hours, adding that children had the right to education.


Mr Mwenda further added that farmers should also avoid Gender Based Violence, saying dialogue should be a mode of resolving misunderstandings.


He noted that issues of GBV and child labour were rampart amongst the farming community. 


Earlier this year, a report compiled by the Victim Support Unit (VSU) for Mkushi district showed an increase in cases of Gender Based Violence which stood at 67 since the beginning of the year.