Still- born bodies exhumed in Luanshya

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Luanshya Municipal Council has directed Antelope Milling Company to stop preparing the private land near the  town cemetery for fencing after the local authority received reports that some bodies of stillborn babies are being exhumed in the process.

The private land in question is located near the burial site for still born babies.

The Council has directed the excavator operator who is preparing the 42 hectare   privately owned land for the construction of a perimeter fence to immediately suspend his work until a proper boundary demarcation is established.

Council Public Relations Manager Gideon Thole said the land in question was over the years owned by Medicare an international health charity, who recently sold it to Antelope Milling Company.

Mr. Thole noted that council management has started the process of engaging the title holders of the private land to establish the exact boundary of the graveyard and the private property.

He stated that the local authority will ensure that the perimeter fence is re-routed if the private property was encroached on.

He further assured Luanshya residents that the municipality was optimistic that talks with Antelope Milling Company will yield positive results adding that no further tempering with the graveyard by residents or private property developers would be tolerated.