Newly found love lands Katete woman in jail

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 29 year- old woman yesterday wept before Katete Magistrate Mary Musongole after her newly found love landed her in court.

Maureen Munduda of Ibex compound in Katete district was charged with theft contrary to section 272 of the penal code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia and has been jailed for three years and six months simple imprisonment.

Particulars of the offence where that Maureen on May 7 2014 jointly and whislt acting together with other persons unknown did steal 16 cell phones all valued at K4,060, the property of Shadrek Jere.

Facts before court where that Maureen on the material day met two men who proposed love to her and later asked her to accompany them to the market.

When they reached the market the two men led Maureen to a cell phone booth where one of them introduced her as his wife.


While at the mobile booth Maureen was offered a sit as the two gentlemen engaged in a conversation at a distance before they could start choosing phones.

Maureen While acting as wife started helping the two men choose the cell phones and packing them according to prices.

After a short while the two men with phones in a black plastic bag disappeared as the owner of the booth was attending to other customers while Maureen waited in hope for their return.

As the owner of the booth interrogated her, Maureen disclosed that she was actually not a wife to any of the men but that they had just proposed love to her on the same day.


The prosecution team established that Maureen was procured by the two men so that she could help them steal the cell phones.

The evidence before court further proved that the offence committed was done in an organized manner.

In her mitigation Maureen told court that she was an orphan and had two children to take care of.


However , magistrate Musongole disputed the mitigation adding that being an orphan was not a reason for one to engage in organized crime.

She reminded Maureen that it was sad and shameful for a woman to engage into such retrogressive acts.

She added that at the age of 29 a person ought to be independent and stop being a perpetual dependant.

Magistrate Musongole said it was wrong to steal especially from people that are working hard and contributing to national development.