Kulamba Kubwalo traditional ceremony Preparations gain momentum


Preparations for this year’s Kulamba Kubwalo traditional ceremony of the Lenje speaking people of Chibombo district have reached an advanced stage.

A check by ZANIS at the main arena today found members of the works committee concluding most of the construction works.

And Organising Committee Vice Chairperson, Lloyd Kayeka told ZANIS in Chibombo that there has been an overwhelming support from both the corporate partners and the local traditional leaders towards the holding of this year’s traditional ceremony.

Mr Kayeka said the traditional ceremony which will be held on October 11 is expected to be attended by almost all the chiefs from the Central Province.


He further said this year’s ceremony is a unique one because the country will also be commemorating  50 years of its independence.

Mr Kayeka has since encouraged people to turn up in numbers for the ceremony and  learn more about the history of the Lenje speaking people.

He further said attending the ceremony will also give both tourists and indigenous people a rare opportunity to visit some of the historic traditional huts and shrines found at the site.

Kulamba Kubwalo traditional ceremony is celebrated every year in October at Likonde Lya Ba Nkanga shrine where the mother of the Lenje Chief was buried.


The ceremony is held to pay homage to Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe and other Lenje chiefs for their good leadership.

It is also a thanks giving ritual to God for a good harvest and accords chiefs an opportunity to evaluate food security and other developmental projects in their respective chiefdoms.

The traditional ceremony is preceded by a week-long of entertainment activities and display of various traditional Lenje foods at the site.