Beneficiaries of govt. housing scheme advised to engage NHA for title deeds

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Beneficiaries of the government housing empowerment scheme who have not yet obtained title deeds have been advised to engage the National Housing Authority (NHA) to process their documents.

Majority of sitting tenants of institutional houses in the country have not yet been issued with title deeds following the sale of the houses during the Chiluba era and those that were sold recently.

Some sitting tenants in Kafue District recently complained to the legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission which was conducting public sittings in the area over the delay by the local authority to issue them with title deeds.

Kafue District Council Chairperson Gibson Sinkala observed that the delay in obtaining title deeds for the houses was due to lack of knowledge on the procedure.

Mr Sinkala noted that most sitting tenants do not understand the procedure involved in obtaining title deeds.

He stated that the local authority does not issue deeds but the National Housing Authority directs people to lawyers to help with the process.

He stated that it might take long or forever to get title deeds if owners of the houses relent in making efforts to engage the NHA over obtaining the documents.

Mr Sinkala explained that the cost of the houses did not include title deeds saying sitting tenants should be ready to pay for the title deeds in order to have their documents processed.

All sitting tenants in institutional houses in Kafue benefited from the sale of houses but most of them have complained that they have not received ownership papers.