Vice-President Scott
Vice-President Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has urged the electorate in Vubwi to vote for?Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Margaret Miti in the forthcoming?by-election because the MMD has failed to develop the area in its?20-year rule.
Dr Scott said the people of Vubwi must not make a mistake by voting?for an opposition political party candidate who had nothing to offer.
He said since it was ushered into office in 2011, the PF had changed?the face of the new district through various infrastructure projects?taking place in Vubwi.
Dr Scott said the PF Government was constructing the Chipata-Vubwi?Road, building schools and erecting communication towers to improve?mobile phone networks in Vubwi.
‘‘I am urging you the people of Vubwi not to make a mistake of voting?for an opposition candidate but vote for Margaret Miti in the?by-election for more development,’’ he said.

The Vice-President was speaking when he addressed three rallies to?drum up support for the PF candidate in Vubwi yesterday.?He said for the first time, Vubwi would be connected to the national?electricity grid through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) and?that the new district would have massive infrastructure developments.
Dr Scott said Zambians were already seeing the fruits of the PF,?saying the Government would continue developing all parts of the?country and that in Vubwi particularly, the Government would resolve?the land wrangles.
He said the 1995 Lands Act was not good, adding that most of the?encroachments were caused by the same Act which needed repealing.?Dr Scott said the Government would also pay all the farmers who sold?their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) on time.
The Vice-President said the people must not listen to politics of lies?which the opposition was peddling to the electorate in Vubwi.?He said MMD was a ‘dead’ party as evidenced by their performance in?the just-ended Mangango by-election where the former ruling party got?less 200 votes.
Ms Miti asked the electorate to vote for her, saying she was a local?resident who would not disappoint them once voted into office.?The candidate said she was happy that the people were giving her support.

The Vubwi seat is being contested by former MP Dr Eustarckio Kazonga?on the MMD ticket, FDD’s Charles Nyoka, UPND’s Alfonso Phiri and UNIP?candidate Lucas Phiri.

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