3)–Serenje Council seeks Japanese investment

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—-Serenje District Council Secretary Kennedy Kazanda has called on Japanese investors to set up a cassava processing plant in the area.

Toyota Tshusho Zambia officials are looking for a suitable place for setting up a cassava processing plant in Central province.

Mr Kazanda was speaking when Toyota Tshusho Zambia officials called on him in his office yesterday.

Mr Kazanda said the company was welcome to set up the cassava processing plant in the district as the area has what it takes to make investors realize their business objectives.

“You will never go wrong to invest in Serenje. Serenje has what it takes for you to realize your objectives,” Mr Kazanda said.

He said Serenje has recently been attracting investors due to its abundance in arable land and water.

The Council secretary also said the district is perfect for agricultural investment because it has access to road and railway ways.

Over the recent interest shown by investors to invest in the district, Mr Kazanda said the role of the council has been to provide an enabling environment for sustainable economic and social development to the people of the district.

And Toyota Tsusho Zambia general manager Hiroki Mizukami said his company is visiting some parts of the country carrying out feasibility studies to set up  processing plants which will operate on an  out grower scheme basis.

Meanwhile, Serenje Cassava Innovative platform (IP) vice chairman Wilbroad Luanga said the project if brought to Serenje would offer small scale farmers a market for their cassava.

Mr Luanga said cassava growers in the district have been demotivated due to lack of buyers for their produce.

“It would be good if the project comes to Serenje because it would offer the small scale cassava farmers in the district a market for their crop. These farmers have been depressed as they would grow cassava and there would be no one to buy it.”