— FRA to continue buying maize beyond its target- Veep

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FRA to continue buying maize beyond its target- Veep

Vubwi,September 2nd , 2014,  ZANIS— Government says the food reserve agency ( FRA) has achieved and surpassed its target of buying  five hundred thousand metric tonnes of maize in the shortest possible time.

Vice president Gut Scott says it was for this reason that the FRA will continue buying maize to ensure that no maize is wasted.

Dr Scott said a quarter of the farmers who sold maize to FRA have since been paid and that government will ensure that the next are paid before the commencement of the next farming season.

ZANIS reports that the vice president said this in Vubwi today after addressing a public meeting at Vumbi school ground where he had gone to drum up support for the PF candidate Margaret Miti in the forth coming Vubwi parliamentary by elections.

He has since directed Eastern Province minister Malozo Sichone to ensure that FRA buys maize in the district and that it does not get wasted or exported to neighboring countries.

The vice president urged the people of Vubwi to vote for the PF candidate in order to foster development in the area .

Dr Scott said government is in a hurry to bring development to the area which has been lacking for the last 50years.

And speaking on the same occasion, Eastern Province minister Malozo Sichone assured farmers that farming inputs for the 2014,2015 season will be distributed in September.

Mr Sichone said farmers will receive seeds, urea, and D-compound fertilizer at the same time in order to prepare for the farming season.