pays tribute to Chieftainess Waitwika for good leadership

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—Government is impressed with the good leadership qualities of Chieftainess Waitwika of the Namwanga people of Nakonde district.

Officiating at this year’s Mutomolo ceremony of the Namwanga people of Nakonde at the chief’s palace over the weekend, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister, Susane Kawandami, said the good leadership qualities of Chieftainess Waitwika have contributed greatly to the thriving of peace and economic activities in the chiefdom.

Ms Kawandami has since urged other traditional leaders in the country to emulate the good leadership qualities of her royal highness, Chieftainess Waitwika, in order to foster development in their chiefdoms.

Ms Kawandami said the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs is determined to work with Chieftainess Waitwika to attain prosperity and maximum potential of the chiefdom.

She urged the Royal Highness Waitwika to approach government with economic ideas that will benefit its inhabitants.

Ms Kawandami added that the government attaches great importance to the royal highness’ role in the chiefdom and that she should not grow weary in making the land available for developmental activities in her chiefdom.

She further said government is impressed with the royal highness’ great strides which she has underscored in her quest to uplift the future of a girl child by discouraging early child marriages.

She said government is aware of her firm campaigns towards the girl education and her role and efforts in accomplishing government’s dreams does not go unnoticed and the duty now remains on the village headmen and the general populous for this campaign to bear fruit.

And speaking through her representative, Davies Simwanza, Chieftainess Waitwika commended the government for the re-introduction of the use of local languages in primary schools.

Chieftainess Waitwika said the move would go a long way in the delivery of quality education, especially that children learn quickly in their mothers’ tongues.