Nevers urges Easterners to send protest letter to Sata

Dr Nevers Mumba arriving in Mangango
Dr Nevers Mumba arriving in Mangango

MMD President Nevers Mumba says time has come for the people of Eastern Province to send a letter of protest to President Michael Sata for alleged poor leadership in the country through the ballot.

Speaking during meetings to drum support for MMD candidate in the Kasenengwa parliamentary by-election, Vitoria Kalima, Dr Mumba charged that the PF government is not trustworthy as it had brought suffering to Zambians by increasing the cost of living.

Dr Mumba charged that the Agricultural sector has completely been killed by increase in the price of fertilizer and the removal of subsidies, a situation which has now put the Agriculture at risk.

He has advised the people of Kasenengwa to disassociate themselves from the PF government as it has allegedly brought misery by increasing prices of mealie-meal, fuel and other essential commodities.

Dr Mumba has further charged that the PF government has shown that it does not care for the people by creating costly by-elections at the expense of development.

And MMD candidate for Kasenegwa Constituency Victoria Kalima has asked the people in the constituency to vote for her so that she continues with developmental projects which have stalled.

She has further pledged to continue her vibrancy in parliament and speak for the constituency in matters of development and women affairs.
( Monday 01st September 2014 )