Early pregnancies result from lack of identity among girl children

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Early pregnancies result from lack of identity among girl children


Livingstone, Sept 1/14, ZANIS——-Young Men Christian Organisation (YMCA) in Livingstone says early pregnancies among teenagers are because of lack of identity and responsibility on the part of school-going children.


In an interview with ZANIS, Programmes and Projects co-coordinator of the YMCA, Oscar Nyaywa, said early pregnancies among school-going children is because of the lack of identity and responsibility among the teenagers.


Mr Nyaywa said this is because many do not know who they are and the responsibilities that come with falling pregnant.


“This is a world of fiction where they watch young people indulge in sex activities is what is killing our young people nowadays,” Nyaywa said.


He added that young people seem not to know or understand who they are and what they stand for, saying that is why they are easily used and taken advantage of because of wanting to practice what they see on television and internet and many other ways.


“Early pregnancies among the teens seem to be fashionable. It seems as if one has not been with a man then they are old fashioned. All this is as a result of peer pressure,” he said.


Mr Nyaywa noted that in the globalised world today the rights of people are being concentrated on forgetting about the responsibility attached to those rights. 


He added that everybody has a right to education and they should be able to take full responsibility attached to that right.


Mr Nyaywa said NGOs, parents and teachers have put too much emphasis on the rights forgetting the responsibility that come with the rights.


“Parents should be able to talk to their children about pregnancy issues, the challenges and responsibilities that they come with right in their homes while children are still young,” said Mr Nyaywa.


He has since urged NGOs in Livingstone not to rush into getting findings from programmes that are western culture tailored but instead note the importance of differentiating between African and Western culture.