— Govt to firmly deal with ‘ vultures’

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Govt to firmly deal with ‘ vultures’

Lusaka, August 31st, 2014, ZANIS —Government says it is aware unscrupulous individuals who want to reap were they did not sow by pirating other peoples works such as books and other creative arts.

Deputy Minister of information and broadcasting services Poniso Njeulu says government through the copyright unit under his ministry has for this reason intensified the protection and enforcement of intellectual property.



Mr Njeulu said this was to ensure that creative individuals and their works are adequately protected.

He  said the advent of Information Communication Technology gadgets such as cell phones and computers has led to the drastic drop of Zambians reading culture.

ZANIS reports that Mr Njeulu said this in a speech read on his behalf by former deputy Minister of information Webby Chipili during a book launch in Lusaka last evening.



According to the Arts in Business society, the piracy levels in the country have continued to increase.

Society chairperson, Ignatius Miti said recently that there is still an increased level of piracy in the country despite the efforts being made to curb the vice.

Mr Miti has called on government through the intellectual property unit to intensify its works on the fight against piracy in the country.

He has urged the government to express its full commitment and dedication to respond to the plight of piracy which he says is high especially in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, government it is concerned that most libraries which were once a hive of activity are less patronised especially by the youth.



Mr. Njeulu has therefore challenged all citizens with unique talents and skill to take up writing and other literally works to positively impact on society.

Meanwhile author of the book “Answers to Your Financial Problems” pastor Bright Changwe cited the poor reading culture, poor local support and lack of finances as some of the challenges faced by authors in Zambia.

Mr Changwe has called on Zambians support and has thanked the government for its effort in supporting and protecting literally works in the country.