– PF will scoop Zambezi West seat- VEEP

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PF will scoop Zambezi West seat- VEEP


Zambezi, August 31st, 2014,  ZANIS —-  Dr. Scott says the ruling PF  will grab the seat from the opposition UPND through its former candidate, Charles Kakoma whose 13-year rule was a sheer waste of time to the Zambezi West electorates.


Winding up his two-day campaign trail yesterday, in Nyachikai, Sakai, Mwange, Matondo and Nyawanda, Dr. Scott doubted PF losing the seat.



This was when he drummed up support for PF aspiring parliamentary candidate Chrsitabel Ngimbu.

“I don’t see the reason why PF should lose the Zambezi West parliamentary because we’ve done our homework to guarantee us a win and chances are very good,” Dr. Scott said.

The Vice President said PF priorities after scooping the seat would be achieved under the universal access programe by improving the tele-communication sector sink more bore holes and build more bridges and rehabilitate all the feeder roads in order to open up the area.

Dr. Scott said the ruling party is not threatened by the formation of any political alliance as alliances in Zambia do not work.



“Which alliance, be it MMD, People’s party or NAREP/FDD are not a threat to us but a political marriage of inconvenience.



“I remember in 1996, l entered an alliance with my Lima party/ZADECO of late Dean Mungomba but it never worked,” he said.

He said Zambezi West constituency had continued to lag behind in the last 13 years because the people voted for the opposition Member of Parliament (MPs).

And aspiring parliamentary candidate Ms. Ngimbu pledged to develop the area once voted as area MP.

Ms. Ngimbu bragged that she is a local resident unlike other candidates who have been imposed on the people of Zambezi West.



She said is confident of scooping the seat because of the massive infrastructure development the PF Government has done in just two and half years.

“I’m not an importee but your very own person who grew up with you and knows the sufferings of the people,” Ms. Ngimbu said.

She said she is the right candidate to represent the people of Zambezi in National Assembly on the ruling party ticket.

PF Zambezi West Campaign Manager Wylbur Simuusa expressed happiness that the campaigns were peaceful and no pockets of violence unlike what characterized the just ended Mangango parliamentary seat.

Mr. Simuusa, who is also Agriculture Minister, urged the people of Zambezi to vote for PF candidate Ms. Ngimbu on September 11 because the opposition have got no means of developing the area.

He thanked the Vice President Dr. Scott and his entourage comprising gender Minister Inonge Wina, Tourism Minister Jean Kapata and Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda and other senior PF party officials for beefing up his campaign team which is a rare opportunity by the opposition leaders.

Meanwhile, government would construct 10 health posts of the 650 health posts.

North-Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu disclosed that Zambezi West bank would have four health posts while Zambezi East bank would have the remaining six health posts.

Mr. Mubukwanu reiterated the PF government to bringing health services closer to the people of Zambezi district.