Kabimba hurt a lot of people – Former PF official

Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC in Katuba
Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC in Katuba

Former Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Chairman Davies Chama says sacked party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba hurt a lot of party members during his reign as Chief Executive Officer of the party.

Mr Chama has told Qfm News in an interview that President Michael Sata’s decision to fire Mr Kabimba has come at the right time as it will help to unify the party.

Mr. Chama says the President’s decision is overwhelming and pleasing to the PF members.

He notes that it is now clear that President Sata took time to listen to the complaints of the party members against Mr Kabimba before making his decision.

He states that the President in his usual style did not want to be vindictive but wanted to do his homework before making his final decision.

Mr. Chama adds that Mr. Kabimba’s silence following his firing could be that he is reflecting on what he has done in the party.

H e adds that Mr Kabimba should be loyal to the new party Secretary General Edgar Lungu once he is done reflecting.

( Saturday 30th August 2014 )