Govt reiterates commitment to rehabilitate roads

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—-Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President, Davies Mwango says government will ensure that rural parts of Zambia also have a good road network.

Mr Mwango said his office will ensure that all roads are accessible through the construction of bridges that stand the taste of time.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mwango said this in Monze district yesterday when he toured chief Chona’s area of Monze district of Southern Province.

He said government will make sure that all the bridges that have been washed away are re-constructed

Mr Mwango added that government will then ensure that main roads are also worked on through the Rural Roads Unit (RRU).

The Deputy Minister said government is concerned with the livelihood of the people in rural areas, saying a good road network is a recipe for development.

Mr Mwango said once the main roads are worked on it would be easy for government to send equipment to the area to drill boreholes.

The Deputy Minister said the boreholes will ensure that safe and clean drinking water is accessible by all the people.

Speaking earlier, Monze District Council Director of Works, Arnold Mwanabunga, said about two bridges need to be worked on for the main road to be accessible.

Mr Mwanabunga said since the bridges were washed away, they received any attention despite many calls from the residents.

He said the situation is worse during the rainy season as people on the other side of the bridge are completely cut off.

Mr. Mwango is on a tour of Southern Province to check on some of the developmental projects under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).