— Vocational curriculum progressing well- TEVETA

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Technical Education Vocation and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) Information Education and Communication specialist Mubiyana Nalumino says the response from the newly introduced school curricular in Zambia in encouraging.


Mr. Nalumino says the new curriculum, which is under the phase of a pilot project, will only be nationwide once it proves a success in the selected schools offering the vocation training as of now.


He  noted that the project has so far covered all the ten provinces with some selected schools offering the vocational curriculum-training subjects.


He said that the only challenge is that of schools not having adequate infrastructure in order for the project to be a success.


ZANIS reports that the TEVETA Education and Communications specialist said this in an interview in Lusaka , today.


The newly introduced curriculum for secondary schools has been implemented by the government so as to empower the youths due to the high demands for relevant skills to enable them be self-employed.


The present Curriculum has been labeled as a dominantly examination curriculum which places emphasis on factual information and forces learners to memorize the factual information and does not promote critical learning.


On the other hand , the vocational curriculum is for aspiring learners and interests in technical and other hands-on subjects which will provide practical skills to such learners starting at grade eight to 12.


In order to provide the above curriculum effectively, schools will closely collaborate with TEVETA and other line ministries.

Pupils studying the vocational curriculum will obtain trade certificates as well as grade nine or grade 12 Certificates.


The trade certificates will be awarded by TEVETA whereas the academic certificates for grade nine and 12 shall be awarded by Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ).