Govt praises Community Based Volunteers

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–Government has praised Community Based Volunteers (CBV) for complimenting its efforts in enhancing service delivery to communities in many parts of the country.

Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Emerine Kabanshi said the country has been utilising volunteers in areas such as home based care, community
sensitisation, improving adult literacy and identifying beneficiaries for social cash transfer initiatives in the country.

Ms Kabanshi said CBV have also helped government to strengthen community systems and improve coordination and utilisation of community based services to attain better service provision in communities.

She was speaking during the dissemination event on research of the Community Based Volunteers in Lusaka today.

And Ms Kabanshi said the event was timely as it will provide her ministry with insights on how to balance or coordinate
ministerial programmes with the community needs.

 She added that there are various challenging programmes undertaken by her ministry which include the social cash transfer and health related programmes of which the research
findings will assist the ministry in focusing its attention on specific field so as to produce anticipated results.

Ms Kabanshi further said the research findings and contributions of the event will help the ministry arrive at a comprehensive strategy for the utilisation, coordination
and management of community based volunteers in the country’s social welfare.