— CHAZ donates mosquitoes nets in Mufumbwe District

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The Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) has distributed more than 20, 000 insecticide treated mosquito nets to households in Mufumbwe District of North Western province.

The mosquito nets have been provided with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and are aimed at combating malaria levels in the district.

Provincial Programme Officer, Luke Kayembe, says the association has targeted to distribute 39, 700 mosquito nets to households in Mufumbwe.

Mr. Kayembe disclosed that CHAZ has also distributed more than 440,000 nets to eight other districts in the province.

Mr. Kayemba affirmed that 169,700 mosquitoes have been distributed in Solwezi, 53,400 in Zambezi, 20, 500 in Ikelengi, 68, 800 in Mwinilunga, 22,900 in Chavuma, 62,600 in Kabompo and Manyinga, and 47, 900 in Kasempa districts of North Western province.

The CHAZ Provincial Programmes Officer stressed that the mosquito nets are being distributed to every house on a non-discriminatory basis.

He affirmed that CHAZ will continue promoting programmes that prevent malaria in the country as it was a serious health burden.

Mr. Kayembe told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Mufumbwe today, that CHAZ expects to conclude the programme by next week.

Meanwhile, two residents in Mufumbwe have commended CHAZ for donating mosquito nets to them.

In separate interviews with ZANIS the residents said the programme was good because it did not segregate and everyone was receiving a net to protect themselves against malaria.

Ms  Matilda Kimwasha, said the mosquito nets will ensure that children are protected from contacting malaria in Mufumbwe.

Ms Kimwasha further said more non-government organisations and stakeholders need to emulate CHAZ for its efforts.

And Gregory Chitendi said he was happy to receive the mosquito nets and urged people not to abuse the nets.

Mr. Chitendi said people must ensure to sleep under the treated nets instead of using them for other purposes which they were not made for.

“People should not use nets to make clothes or do fishing with them, these nets are meant to protect lives so we must use them properly,” he said.