ZESCO to commission US$52 million Lunzua power project

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ZESCO says the US$52 million Lunzua Hydro Power Station project currently under upgrading in Mbala District in Northern Province will be commissioned next month.

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata disclosed that works on the multimillion dollar Lunzua Hydro power project have progressed well and will be commissioned in September this year.

Mr Kapata said that the Lunzua Hydro Power station in Mbala has been upgraded from its initial capacity of 0.75 megawatts to 14.8 megawatts.

ZANIS reports that the ZESCO spokesperson disclosed the development in an interview in Lusaka today.

Mr Kapata explained that the expansion of the Lunzua Hydro power project will improve power supply in Mbala and Mpulungu districts and some parts of Northern Province.

He stated that the project is among other projects his company is undertaking in a bid to mitigate the looming power deficit in some parts of the country.

Mr Kapata further explained that the Luanzua hydro power project is one of the measures ZESCO has intensified in its 2011-206 business plan to increase power generation capacity by 582 megawatts.