— Govt delivers fertilizer to Itezhi Tezhi

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Government has delivered  20,681 x50 of basal dressing  and 4,200 x 50 gags of top dressing  fertilizer under the Farmer input support programme  in Itezhi Tezhi district  for the 2014/2015 farming season.


ZANIS reports that Itezhi Tezhi district commissioner George Sichula disclosed in an interview in Itezhi Tezhi today.


Mr. Sichula  said that early delivery of the farm inputs is aimed at giving farmers ample time to prepare for 2014/15 farming season.


“We have received 20,681 x 50 bags of D compound and 4,200 x 50 bags of urea as of today” Mr. Sichula explained.


He explained that the receipt of the farm inputs will add to the 3,390 x 50 bags of D compound and 2,527 x 50  bags urea  old stock left from last farming season.


Mr. Sichula observed that the timely delivery of the fertilizer is in line with government’s promise to deliver inputs early this year adding that the gesture shows commitment that his government was attaching to agricultural development.


Mr. Sichula further said that the district will soon start distribution of the fertilizer to all areas in the district as soon as transporters are selecting in a through a tender process.