– Botswana denies DRC trucks at Kazungula border

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Botswana denies DRC trucks at Kazungula border


Kazungula, August 27, 2014,  ZANIS—Truck drivers from Zambia that have a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) stamp are not allowed to pass through Botswana route due to the reported outbreak of Ebola in that country.


ZANIS reports that at the Kazungula border post yesterday, several truck drivers DRC stamps that had  attempted to cross into Botswana side were denied entry in that country .


Speaking in an interview, some truck drivers who did not want to disclose their names said there were over 80 trucks at Kazungula border that came from DRC going to South Africa and wondered what measures the Zambian government and that of Botswana would do to address the situation.



And when contacted for a comment, Kazungula District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane charged that she was aware of the happenings in Botswana.



Mrs. Musokotwane charged that the Zambian government has taken some measures to control the Ebola disease in the country adding that it was unfortunate that such a thing was happening on the other side.



Meanwhile, a Livingstone businessperson Alex Willo has supported the move that the Botswana government has taken not to allow trucks pass anyhow in their country following the outbreak of Ebola disease in the neighboring DRC.



Mr. Willo said in an interview today that it is wise for every country to protect their people and respect the laws of their land especially when it comes to outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola.



Meanwhile, Kazungula heads of government departments and other stakeholders met this morning at Kazungula district council chamber to discuss how best to sensitize the people at the border town on the dangers of Ebola disease.



Some health workers have been tasked to work closely at the border post and make sure that all truck drivers are screened for Ebola disease in the area while the council has been tasked to come up with fliers with sensitization messages for distribution to rest of the community members in the area.



A team of government workers and other stakeholders accompanied by District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane visited the border area shortly after the meeting to sensitize the maketeers,  money changers and restaurant owners on the preventive and precaution measures to avoid possible outbreaks.