Mazabuka PF calls for dissolution of the Munkombwe led Executive Committee

PRESIDENT Sata with Paramount Chief Mpezeni (right), Information permanent secretary George Zulu (middle) and Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe (partly obscured) at Feni yesterday.
PRESIDENT Sata with Paramount Chief Mpezeni (right), Information permanent secretary George Zulu (middle) and Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe (partly obscured) at Feni yesterday.

The Patriotic Front in Mazabuka district has called for the immediate dissolution of the Southern Province Executive Committee led by Provincial Minister, Daniel Munkombwe.
Mazabuka District Secretary, Moses Ngosa, told ZANIS in Mazabuka today that it is time President Michael Sata intervened and dissolved the entire executive committee alleging that is has failed to effectively coordinate activities of the party in the area.
Mr Ngosa charged that as a party in the district, the members are concerned with the way affairs of the PF were being run by the provincial executive, saying it is incumbent on the part of committee to step down and save their repetition.
His remarks come in the wake of the just ended local government by- elections that took place in selected parts of the province where the ruling party failed to win a single seat.
Mr Ngosa said the loss suffered by the ruling party in all the ward by elections is as a result of the lack of proper coordination and mobilisation of party organs and structures by the provincial executive.
“We are calling on the provincial executive committee led by Daniel Munkombwe to be diplomatic enough and step down so that fresh elections are held for the entire executive which will also see vacant positions like that of Provincial Secretary and vice, provincial vice Information and Publicity Secretary as well as that of provincial youth Chairperson which have been vacant for some time now filled,” stated Mr Ngosa.
He alleged that under the current executive, the ruling party risks losing its popularity in the province because the committee has side-lined all the lower organs currently existing in the districts in running affairs of the party.
‘’We will not sit back and watch our party to crumble because of few individuals as not long ago, our party was gaining strong ground in the province during the time of former provincial Chairperson, Joseph Akafumba, but with the coming of this new executive, things have changed for worse,” alleged Mr Ngosa.
Mr Ngosa bemoaned the lack of provincial council meetings where district chairpersons would be invited to explain activities that they had embarked on in their respective areas, a situation he said greatly helped the party to monitor and evaluate its performance in the province.
Meanwhile, Patriotic front (PF) Chikankata district trustee, Benson Hamujamba, has counselled PF youths in the area to refrain from solving party matters in the press.
Mr Hamujamba in an interview said there are many avenues that youths could use to air their grievances unlike resorting to issuing statements in the press.

“Do not wash dirty linen in the media to try and solve issues because that is not a proper way to solve matters,” advised Mr Hamujamba

Mr Hamujamba, who has intentions to contest the Chikankata Parliamentary seat in 2016 on the PF ticket, said the trend of youths fighting people in offices is retrogressive and weakens the party, adding that party matters should be sorted out within the structures of the party.

He has since called on PF members to remain united and continue mobilising the party in readiness for 2016.