— Govt urges traditional leaders to protect the girl child

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Govt urges traditional leaders to protect the girl child

Chinsali, August 26th, 2014, ZANIS — Government has urged traditional Leaders to nurture the girl child to become responsible contributors to national development.

Chiefs and Tradition Affairs Deputy Minister, Josephine Limata says traditional rulers in the country play a cardinal role in good governance especially towards the safety of the girl child.

She said this is a crucial issue which Government will not stop talking about because the girl child is so disadvantaged in the social, economic and political spheres.


ZANIS reports that the deputy minister said this during the Mulambalala Traditional Ceremony of his Royal Highness Chief Chewe Kaponge IV held over the weekend in Chinsali district of Muchinga Province.

The Deputy Minister added that chiefs should be in the fore front to protect the interest of the Girl child and the value for this protection will manifest in years to come.

She said there was need for all royal establishments in the country to address the unacceptable traditions, beliefs and practices that bar the girl child from attending schools.


Ms Limata said chiefs should also work closely with the Government to address the traditional practices such as those that infringe on the livelihood of the people resulting in social injustice.

“Leaders let us sacrifice time for the young Generation”, said Ms Limata.