— Govt pleased with its hydro power project in Luapula province

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Govt pleased with its hydro power project in Luapula province

Lusaka, 26th August, ZANIS — Government says the development of the hydro power sites on the Luapula river will enhance security of power supply in the SADC region.

Ministry Of Mines, Energy and Water Development Permanent secretary, Charity Mwansa says the development will increase power supply and stimulate economic and social development not only for Zambia and the subregion.


ZANIS reports that the minister said this in Lusaka today in her opening remarks at the deliberations of the Inter-Government Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo for the development of the hydro power sites on the Luapula River.

She stated that the discussions are aimed at defining the scoop of the cooperation between the parties in order to develop the common hydropower sites on Luapula River.

She revealed that earlier, visibility studies were undertaken by various consultants who later identified Mambilima and Mututa falls as the potential site of the project.

Ms Mwansa has since called on the delegates from both Zambia and DRC not to restrict themselves during the ongoing deliberations but discuss possible options that will accelerate development in the region adding that she is keenly waiting for the document that will come out of the meeting.

And DRC Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Water ,Resources and Energy,Thaddee` Nkumbi Nkiet says the negotiations of the MoU are taking place in the context were the power deficit is on an alarming level in DRC’s Katanga province there by affecting mining companies .

Mr. Nkiet said DRC requests the Zambian Government to add to the agenda a point of importing electricity from the Zambian network.

He expressed hope that the on the negotiations on the development of the hydro power sites in Zambia’s Luapula river will constructively bring out a roadmap to be undertaken in the development of the energy sector and a document which will be agreed by Zambia and DRC .

The negotiations on the draft agreement between the Zambian and the DRC Governments related to the development of the common hydropower sites on Luapula River are expected to be concluded by tomorrow with the signing of the Memorandum of understanding.


  1. Zambia is selling its birthright. I was the senior author of the EIS study laying out the impacts of power generation at Mambalima and Mambotuta in 1976. The flooding will destroy the Bangweulu system and impoverish thousands of people – to supply power to the mines of Katanga. The Zambian Government has turned its back on the peoples’ duty to their ‘living ancestors’ to safeguard the earth, for which they will pay the price, not the politicians lined up at the trough. Wake up Zambia!