Episcopal Conference calls for a fresh start as Zambia turns 50

Cleophas Lungu - Pix ThePost
Cleophas Lungu - Pix ThePost

The Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) says the best way to honor national heroes who fought for the country’s liberation as Zambia clocks 50 years of independence is to aspire to implement their aspirations of 1964 to free the Zambian people.

ZEC Secretary General Fr. Cleophas Lungu has told Qfm in an interview that as the country celebrates its golden jubilee, no one should feel they are leaving in a foreign country, be intimidated by the state or the Police, but that people should enjoy the freedom the country attained in 1964.

Fr. Lungu says it is also the duty of the government to empower Zambians through education, and through the creation of jobs especially the youths.

He adds that it is also important for the country to inculcate the values of democracy such as freedom of speech, association among others unlike what is prevailing at present were citizens are not free to do most things freely.

Fr. Lungu further states that the best way to celebrate the 50 years of independence is to start afresh as a country by enacting the new constitution.
( Monday 25th August 2014 )