Watch Video of attack on Roma Girls Head Teacher , case fails to take off

Sister Emma Chakupaleza
Sister Emma Chakupaleza

Trial in the case in which a Roma Girls Secondary School teacher is charged with assault after he beat up a Catholic Nun has failed to take off in the Lusaka Magistrate court this morning.

Magistrate Humphrey Chitalu adjourned the matter which was supposed to come up for trial this morning to 27th August.

Magistrate Chitalu attributed the adjournment to the absence of the trial Magistrate.

Daswell Sichilongo is accused of assaulting Sister Emma Chakupaleza who is the acting Head Teacher at Roma Girls Secondary school.

Mr Sichilongo became incensed and unleashed punches on Sister Chakupaleza after she instructed the locking up of his house for failing to pay rentals.
( Monday 25th August 2014 )




  1. How can anyone tolerate what happened to this woman. The Justice system needs an overhaul and Zambians should be outraged as well as embarrassed!!!!

  2. if jesus. had to forgive us. wat about us following his footsteps especially a so called sister