Parliamentarians urged to push for constitution

AVAP Director Richwell Mulwani
AVAP Director Richwell Mulwani

Anti-Voter Apathy (AVAP) has implored Parliamentarians to push for the enactment of the Constitution so as to ensure that there are more Constituencies in the Country by 2016.
AVAP Executive Director Richwell Mulwani says electorates have for a long time raised complaints over the distance covered in certain polling stations.

Mr. Mulwani cites out Mapatisia Constituency were electorates from Pukuma Village cover forty kilometers when going to cast their vote at the nearest polling station which is in chalimongela.

He notes therefore that it is imperative that the Electoral Commission of Zambia considers putting a tent in Mafikili so that the people coming from simulampa are able to vote form Mafikili as it is easy to identify a Church or a School in the area.

The AVAP Executive Director states that despite article seventy seven of the Constitution of Zambia providing only one hundred and fifty Constituencies in the Country, it is imperative that the Constitution is amended so as to ensure that the number of Constituencies is increased thereby allowing all people vote in the country.
( Monday 25th August 2014 )