BANDITS assault Chisamba couple with machetes, getting away with K60,000


BANDITS wielding machetes and knives have attacked a couple in Chisamba getting away with K60,000 and leaving them for dead after breaking into their house.
The couple had just sold their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and had not banked the cash.
Two of the attackers have already been apprehended as a manhunt for the remaining three continues. The armed men broke into the couple’s house around 01:00 hours yesterday in Chipilepile area.
Central Province Commissioner of Police, Standwell Lungu identified the couple as Lovell Chisumpa, aged 40 and his 35-year-old wife Agness.

The couple is admitted to Liteta District Hospital nursing serious injuries.
“We have apprehended two of the bandits to assist us with investigations. It is not possible for someone to dream that the couple had money, it could be someone knew that they had sold maize and informed the group that attacked them. We have intensified investigations and we will get to the bottom of this matter,” Mr Lungu said.
Mr Lungu said Mr Chisumpa sustained a cut on his head, swollen thigh and bruised body while his wife sustained broken ribs and other injuries.
“They were beaten badly and they are lucky to have survived the attack,” Mr Lungu said.
He cautioned farmers against keeping huge sums of money at home to avoid being attacked.
Another farmer in the same area was attacked by four bandits early this year stabbing him three times in the back before getting away with K60,000.
The victims in the attack, which happened in Ndailali Village, were Steven Matongo, aged 40, and his son, Trywell, 25.
The son was shot as he attempted to rescue his father.
Meanwhile, an irate husband of Chisamba has allegedly murdered his 32-year-old wife after he found used and unused condoms in her handbag when she got home late from a drinking spree.
Mr Lungu identified the deceased as Jane Lwanga of Kalengwa Farm, who had deep cuts on the back of her head. Her body is in Liteta Hospital mortuary.
Police are looking for her husband who is now on the run, identified as Comrade Mudenda, 41.
“I can confirm that we are looking for the husband after he beat up his wife, who has since died. It is like she failed to give a reasonable explanation after she was found with used condoms and others which were unused. It is suspected he used a sharp object resulting in the deep cut on the back of her head,” Mr Lungu said.
He said Ms Lwanga arrived home around 04:00 hours yesterday and that the fight broke out after her husband, on suspicion, searched her handbag and found the condoms.
Mr Lungu said the couple’s neighbours were awaken by screams for help and later checked the house, only to discover the woman’s body in a pool of blood. The husband had since bolted. They then reported the matter to the police.
In another development, a Serenje man committed suicide after he was allegedly rebuked by his wife for failing to provide for his family.
The deceased has been identified as Ackson Ngosa, 50, and is believed to have consumed a poisonous substance. The incident happened in Nakasala area on Thursday last week around 22:00 hours.


  1. Lack of common sense is criminality.It is simple to seek help from freinds above that from God when theres a problem in the family.