Lusaka couple granted divorce


THE Lusaka Main Local Court has granted a woman of Chadleigh divorce, following a series of extramarital affairs by her husband.
This is in a case where Effie Chifuka, 41, sued George Mwamba, 47, for divorce after he constantly beat her and called her a witch after discovering his extra marital affairs.
Chifuka told the court that since she discovered her husband’s girlfriend, life has not been the same.
Facts are that the two had been married for 21 years and have three children but that problems in their marriage started after Chifuka discovered that her husband had a child with his girlfriend.
Chifuka narrated that her husband used to beat her whenever she asked about his chain of girlfriends and told her that their marriage was over.
The court heard that  Mwamba asked Chifuka to live with him as man and wife for the sake of the children.
She told the court that her husband used to sleep with his clothes and stopped her from washing his clothes.
“He called me a witch and that he was going to torture me for knowing his extramarital affairs,” Chifuka said.
But Mwamba said his wife lacked respect and was too talkative and aggressive towards him.
He said that Chifuka never liked his relatives and used to chase them whenever they visited.
He also said Chifuka was always accusing him of having girlfriends and even sleeping with his own sisters.
Mwamba further stated that there was no happiness in their home adding that his wife even refers to him as a dog.
The two were granted divorce by Magistrates Mable Mwaba sitting with magistrates Grace Kanda and Miyanda Banda.
The court ordered Mwamba to compensate Chifuka K15,000 in monthly installments of K2,000 while all properties acquired together during the  marriage was to be shared equally.


Times of Zambia