Govt to issue circular on traditional land conservation

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Vice President, Guy Scott, says he will soon issue a circular to all councils in the country that will control the conversion of traditional land into private ownership.

Dr Scott said this will be done to stop the indiscriminate sale of land by councils and traditional leaders to investors at the expense of their subjects.

The Vice President said this in Siavonga on Thursday when he met Chief Chipepo, Chief Simamba and Chief Sinadambwe of the Tonga speaking people of Siavonga.

Dr Scott said it is disheartening that chiefs, who are supposed to be custodians of traditional land on behalf of the people, are the ones disadvantaging their subjects.

The Vice President said according to the Zambian laws, chiefs do not own land but are merely trustees on behalf of their subjects and should, therefore, not sell land.

He cited Siavonga as one area where local people have been denied access to the lake because most of the land on the lake shore has been turned into private property.

Dr Scott said the PF government wants to protect the wellbeing of ordinary people and will not tolerate a situation where people are not benefitting from their God-given land.

He told the chiefs and the council in Siavonga to resolve the issue of access to the lake so that local people can also utilize the lake for their benefit.

And Chief Chipepo said the matter of chiefs selling land can be resolved by engaging the traditional leaders through the House of Chiefs.

Chief Chipepo said as leaders, chiefs welcome dialogue with government aimed at serving the people better.