Theft of police book lands man in jail

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Theft of police book lands man in jail

Namwala, 22 Aug, 2014,ZANIS—The Namwala Magistrate court has sentenced a 23 year-old man of Namwala district to five years imprisonment for theft of government property.

Particulars of the offence are that on 20th August 2014 Andrew Namunji whilst acting together with  Maambo Nkolola also of Namwala district stole  a Zambia Police (Z.P) occurrence book Form 89 a property of the government of the Republic of Zambia.

The court heard that the offence was contrary to section 272 of the penal code CAP 87 of the laws of Zambia.

On the material date the two accused persons entered the police inquiries office at about 22:00 hours whilst the officer on duty Constable Mailolela was patrolling outside the police station.

The accused persons got the occurrence book and went threw it into a pit latrine behind a nearby bar but were spotted by patrons.

The accused persons were apprehended by Clifford Munsanje and taken to Namwala police station.

Appearing before Magistrate Simwatachela Namunji pleaded guilty to the charge while Nkolola pleaded not guilty to the offence.

Andrew Namunji has been sentenced to five years with hard labour while Mambo Nkolola will remain in custody until 26th August for judgment.