Shooting rampage at a Zambian wedding leaves a man dead, suspected of flirting with wife

Shooting rampage
Shooting rampage

A WEDDING ceremony ended tragically in Kapiri Mposhi on Wednesday afternoon after a trigger-happy man went on rampage shooting dead a man he suspected of flirting with his wife in a crowded auditorium.
The gunman also left another person wounded before he sped off using the vehicle of one the victims but later abandoned it.
The incident, which happened in full view of the newly-married couple around 14:00 hours, took place in Katutwe area in Kapiri Mposhi.
Police have since launched a manhunt for Mulowa Chisuwo in connection with the cold-blooded murder of Andrew Muchinga, 46, of Kashinga area who had gone to Katutwe to attend the wedding.
Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu, who confirmed the development yesterday, said that police were looking for the suspect who drove off following the incident.
“I can confirm that we are looking for a man suspected to have shot dead a man he suspected to be flirting around with his wife, and the sad part of it is that the shooting occurred during a wedding celebration. We are confident that we will bring him to book,” Mr Lungu said.
Mr Lungu said that the survivor of the shooting incident, who is nursing gunshot wounds on his forehead, left arm and on his back, is admitted to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital.
Medical personnel at the health institution have described his condition as stable.
After the shooting ordeal, Chisuwo sped off with the car belonging to the late Mr Muchinga which he later abandoned on  the way in the bush. He left the engine running.


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  1. i am so saddened about the death of Mr. Muchinga. He used to pick us with his vehicle when going to school when i was in grade 7 (2001). MHSRIP.

  2. Useless woman…
    Causing the death of another just coz she cant get enough of her husband goes to another man…

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