Govt faces renewed calls to reintroduce windfall tax

Copper Miner
Copper Miner
The National Empowerment Forum has stressed the need for government to re-introduce windfall Tax for mining companies.

Government has always maintained that it has no plans of reintroducing windfall tax.

National Empowerment Forum Executive Director Edgar Siakachoma has observed that the current mine tax obligations are below their expected allotment to the economy for substantial economic growth and job creation.

Mr. Siakachoma has told QFM News in an interview that his organization is also proposing the taxation of the informal sector which he says accounts for the majority of the labour force in the country.

He says by so doing, the tax base will be broadened thereby increasing government revenue which could be channeled to strategic sectors such as Education, Health, and Agriculture among others.

Mr Siakachoma says this is imperative and should be taken seriously by government because such sectors have an immense impact on the livelihood of the majority poor women and children in the country.

( Friday 22nd August 2014 )



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