By-election losses a reflection of MMD’s diminishing returns – Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya
Former MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya has dismissed assertions that the alienated MMD faction which has been advocating for an extra-ordinary convention is in the process of forming a breakaway political party.

MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu recently disclosed that he has information suggesting that Ms. Siliya is among people spearheading the formation of a breakaway political party.

Ms. Siliya has told Qfm News in a telephone interview that as far as she is concerned the current issue is whether the current MMD leadership of Dr. Nevers Mumba is able to inspire confidence not only to party members but also the general public.

She says the results of the just ended by-elections especially local government elections where the MMD only managed to win one ward out of the 20 vacant seats is a true reflection of the diminishing returns of the former ruling party.

Ms Siliya adds that the MMD’s performance in the Mangango Parliamentary by-election further speaks for itself.

She says this is why she has always maintained that there is total failure in current leadership to transform the former ruling party into a viable opposition party.

Ms Siliya states that the MMD will continue losing elections until the leadership issue is addressed.

( Friday 22nd August 2014 )

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  1. Nothing personal, but my observation is that the Zambian trend has been that once a ruling party has been removed from office it becomes obsolete – meaning that the voters continue to be furious for the deceit they experienced at the hands of that party when it was in power. Political leaders shouldn’t take the people’s choice for granted – voting buying doesn’t guarantee sustainable loyalty to the vote buyer.