Deport Palan, demand women groups

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Different women organizations under the umbrella of Non-Governmental Organizations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) stormed the Lusaka Magistrate Court to protest against the Games Stores Manager Vincent Palan who was scheduled to appear in court for allegedly sexually harassing his two female workers.

Mr Palan who was arrested and charged for sexual harassment of his female employees appeared at the magistrate court but his case failed to take off because the docket was not in court.

The women groups who gathered at the main gate entrance displayed placards demanding for an end to sexual harassment against women and immediate deportation of Vincent Palan.

And Kwasha Mukwenu Women Group Chairperson Dorika Phiri said the law should take its course over the sexual harassment offenses levelled against Palan because women were suffering at the hands of their male superiors in working places.

Ms Phiri said it was not fair that women including young girls continued to be sexually abused by men without any recourse from the law.

She has also called for the deportation of Palan saying government should ensure that he goes back to his country.

“We want this man to go and government should see to it that he is deported,” she said.

Two Game Stores female employees Mukamuluti Mwila and Nasutu Munalula have accused Palan of sexual harassment in separate incidents where he touched them in inappropriate manner and verbally abused them after they refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

One of the workers Nasutu Munalula accused him of squeezing her buttocks and attempted to tear her underwear in an effort to touch her private parts.