Cow loan scheme elates government

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Small scale farmers of Chibombo Dairy cooperative have received 15 cows in the loan a cow programme conducted by Zambia National Commercial Bank and Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Wilbur Simuusa who officiated at the occasion said the initiative of ensuring that farmers access finance through dairy loans is in line with government’s decision to prioritize agriculture.

He said empowering farmers will reduce poverty levels and create job opportunities in the country.

Mr Simuusa disclosed that government has implemented development programmes such as construction of dairy milk collection centers in order to improve farmers access to markets and return on the their dairy investments.

He said the establishment of livestock service centers will facilitate service delivery to farmers at their door steps.

And ZANACO managing director Bruce Dick said the over 253 pregnant cows have been purchased from South Africa in the one million dollar project and will be distributed to dairy cooperatives across the country.

He said so far 318 small scale farmers have benefited from the programme.

Mr Dick said the programme was initiated because small scale farmers have been finding it difficult to access loans due to lack of collateral.