Boundary dispute erupts between Kaputa and Nsama districts

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—Chief Kaputa of the Tabwa-speaking people of Kaputa District has asked government to help resolve the boundary dispute between Nsama and Kaputa districts.

Chief Kaputa’s Spokesperson, Richard Chishimba said the Ministry of Local Government and Housing should look into the boundary dispute between the two districts before it generates into chaos.

Mr Chishimba said the Chief is upset that Nsama has refused to acknowledge the district boundary as agreed in the meeting when Nsama
was declared a district.

He said stakeholders from both Nsama and Kaputa districts agreed to use Kaputa and Chimbamilonga Constituency’s boundary as the district
boundary for the two districts.

He added that the Chief and everyone in Kaputa is, however, surprised that the district boundaries in the government gazette show something
else and Nsama has refused to dialogue over the issue.

Mr Chishimba told ZANIS in a walking interview in Kaputa yesterday that that his Chief is not happy with the turn of events especially that
stakeholders in Nsama are refusing to negotiate over the boundary.

He said Kaputa will, therefore, petition government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to redraw the boundary as agreed in the meeting
between Nsama and Kaputa which was also attended by the Provincial Local Government Officer.

He added that it is very unfair that Nsama, which was born of Kaputa, wants to get a piece of land that does not belong to it when it is
fully aware of where the boundary is supposed to pass.

Nsama, which was part of Kaputa district, was declared a district in 2012 and according to minutes which stakeholders in Kaputa claim to
have, they agreed that the district boundaries should follow the
constituency boundaries.

But the gazette shows something else where Nsama has protruded into an area in Kaputa and stakeholders in Kaputa, who include councillors and
Chiefs, have since refused to recognize the boundary.