Workers smash property over pay delays

Konkola copper mines - KCM 2014
Konkola copper mines - KCM 2014

IRATE workers at some contractor companies engaged by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chingola yesterday ran amok and destroyed property at Nchanga Flats in protest against delayed payment of salaries.

The workers smashed several vehicles and windows at some flats at Nchanga complex.
KCM manager for public relations and communications Shapi Shachinda said in a statement yesterday that demonstration involving contractors at KCM occurred at around 07:00 hours.
“The contractor employees are understood to be agitated over pay-related issues with their own employers,” Mr Shachinda said.
He said unfortunately KCM has been involved in this dispute despite the company fully meeting all of its obligations.
He said the Zambia Police Service has launched its own investigations into the incident and is working closely with KCM to bring the perpetrators to justice.
A Zambia Daily Mail crew which visited the scene found smashed windows at Nchanga Flats and windscreens of some vehicles.
The residents were left shaken with one of them saying: “Around 07:00 hours, we heard some noise outside and people started throwing stones  into the flats.  Windscreens for several cars and some window panes have been smashed.”



 Zambia Daily Mail