Simuusa challenges Millers to explain high mealie meal prices

Wylbur Simuusa
Wylbur Simuusa

Agriculture Minister Wilbur Simuusa has challenged Millers to explain why the price of mealie meal in the country is still high.

Mr. Simuusa said government suspects lack of sincerity and genuineness on the part of the Millers, stating that ordinarily the price of mealie meal should have gone down in view of the bumper harvest the country has recorded.

Mr. Simuusa told Lusaka’s Qfm Radio that this is why government is currently looking into the matter to ascertain why millers have continued to sell mealie meal at very high prices.

Price of mealie meal in some parts of the country is still as high as K75.00 per 25Kg bag of breakfast.

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  1. Simuusa talks too much he needs to think before he talks or is it that he wants to be seen to be working. The cost of production is high due to high electricity tarriffs and high fuel costs.

  2. It has always been like this with previous governments. No human being will ever do right things so, we have to wait upon Christ only.

  3. This gvt. Seems to be ignorant on how to run the econom of the country? Bumper harvent isn’t the only thing that can reduce the price of m/meal. Other factors does affect- supply and demand

  4. Why should it not be high wen there z high inflation,almost evrything z becomn expensive evn mere salt now!