Chisanio dines with former freedom fighters

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Former Mozambican President Joachim Chisano last evening dined with Zambia’s former freedom fighters and shared memories of the freedom struggle which the two countries underwent.

President Chisano was happy that he could still recognize almost all the Zambian freedom fighters and called them by their names as he
joked in Chinyanja one of the Zambian local languages, when greeting each one of them upon entry into the venue.

The former head of state noted that protocol during the dinner was not necessary as he took over from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary George Zulu and demanded that freedom fighters be given chance to remind the
gathering how they contributed to the struggle in the two countries.

And freedom fighters took the chance to narrate how in their various capacities helped the two countries gain independence.

One of the freedom fighters Mr. Sikota Wina narrated that the fight for liberation started like a joke as some elders were adamant to start the fight against colonies but were influenced by youths.

And General Malimba Masheke who commanded the soldiers who helped Mozambique in the struggle noted that he would not have regretted losing his life to serve many lives.

And former Zambia National Defence Force (ZNDF) Commander Lieutenant General Peter Zuze said that during the period of liberation struggle of Southern Africa flying jets on various operations was his calling and a way to pay back to the people
of Zambia for the free education he enjoyed from the era of the United National Independence Party (UNIP).

He stated that he grew up as a strong youth who was used by freedom fighters to set properties of the colonial master ablaze which earned him education sponsorship from the UNIP.

Veteran Politician and freedom fighter Vernon Mwanga disclosed that he joined the struggle for liberation as a young boy and was part of the team that launched the popular Cha Cha Cha campaign in 1961.

Former UNIP Secretary General Grey Zulu boasted that he helped Mozambique gain liberation and attended their independence which was shunned by many Presidents due to security reasons.

Mr Zulu expressed gratitude to the visiting former head of state for considering celebrating the country’s jubilee.

The former President of Mozambique is in the country for a three-day state visit to commemorate Zambia’s Golden Jubilee anniversary which will be held on October 24 this year.