Chief Kaputa gives Kaputa Council land for development

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Chief Kaputa gives Kaputa Council land for development

Kaputa, August 20, 2014—Chief Kaputa of the Tabwa people has allocated 44 square kilometres of land for the extension of the township boundary in Kaputa District.

Kaputa District Council Social and Economic Planner Peter Mphanda disclosed that the new land is located north of the township along the Kaputa-Nsama Road.

Mr Mphanda said the council is delighted with the allocation and is awaiting surveyors from Kasama to verify the land.

He said the council intends to demarcate the land for commercial, residential and industrial development.

Mr Mphanda further revealed that the council also intends to open up land between Kaputa High School and Kabwe in the south of the district by creating over 1,000 plots for development.

He said the area will have over 180 high cost, 220 medium cost and 140 low cost residential plots, as well as 300 commercial plots, 30 industrial
plots, a school and a health facility.

He said the council which had halted the issuance of land has since resumed the sale of land to the public.

Mr Mphanda advised the public including government workers to come forward and acquire the land from the local authority and put up developments.